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Table 1 Karyotypes of cytogenetically abnormal tumors previously diagnosed as MFH of bone.

From: Reclassification and subtyping of so-called malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone: comparison with cytogenetic features

Case No.1 Age/Sex Diagnosis2 Site Karyotype3 FISH4
Case 63 + 64 61/M Myoepithelioma-like sarcoma Humerus 42, XY, der(1)t(1;10)(p11;q11),
+dic(1;15)(p13;q26), add(6)(p11),-7,
add(7)(p22), t(8;9)(q22;p24),-10,
add(10)(q11), add(12)(q24),-15,
+add(16)(p13),-17, add(19)(p13),-20,
-20, r(21)(p13q22), r(22)(p13q13),
Case 69 49/M Myoepithelioma-like sarcoma Tibia 77-94 < 4n >, X,-X, del(X)(q21),-Y, add(1)
(q25), del(2)(p14)x2,-3,-4, der(4)t(4;5)
-10,-10, add(11)(q13)x2, add(12)
(q22)x2,-13,-15,-16, add(16)(p13),-17,
-17,-17,-17,+18,-19, add(20)(p13)x4,
-21,-21, inc
Case 88 70/F Myoepithelioma-like sarcoma Femur 54-58 < 2n >, XX,+der(1;9)(q10;q10),
+22,+3-4 mar
Case 89 53/M Leiomyosarcoma Femur
(bone infarct)
58-61, XX,-Y,+i(1)(q10),-3,-4,-5,-6,
+add(7)(q11), add(9)(p21)x2,-10,-10,
-11, i(11)(p10),-12, add(12)(p13)x2,
-13,-14, i(15)(q10),-16,-17,-17, add(19)
(q13),+20,+i(20)(p10),-21, der(21)
Case 985 47/M Leiomyosarcoma Os ileum 130-190 < 6n-8n >, X?inc ND
Case 68 76/F UPS with incomplete myogenic differentiation Femur 59-113, X?, inc/46, XX, inv(9)(p11q12)c ND
Case 66 68/F UPS Tibia 84-106 < 5n >, XX,-X,-X,-X,?add(1)
(q42), del(1)(p11), del(1)(q12), der(1)
add(1)(q42)del(1)(p11), der(1)add(1)
(q44)add(1)(p11)hsr(?), add(2)(q3?3),
i(3)(p10),-4, der(4)add(4)(p16)hsr(4)
(p16), i(5)(q10),+add(6)(q11)x2,-7,
der(8)t(1;8)(p22;p2?3)x1-2, i(10)(q10),
-13,-13, add(13)(p11),-14, add(14)(p11),
?add(17)(p11),-18,-18, der(18)add(18)
(q13), inc
Case 105 66/F UPS Unknown 67-77, XX,-X,+1,-2, add(2)(p11)x2,-3,
+4,-8,-8,+9, dic(9;17)(p21;p13)x2,+10,
+12,+13, der(14)t(2;14)(q11;p11),+16,
Case 100 52/F Osteosarcoma Os ischium 32-44, X,-X, add(1)(p11),-3,-4,-6,-9,-10,
-13,-14,-15,-16,-17,-18,-19,-21, add(21)
(p11),-22, der(22)t(3;22)(p11;q11)
Case 86 + 94 51/M SCS NOS
(metastatic carcinoma?)
Femur 44-48, XY, der(1)t(1;18)(p36;q11),
del(4)(p15), del(7)(q22), del(8)(p11),
dic(8;10)(p11;p?),-13,-15, del(16)(q22),
add(19)(p13), add(20)(q13),+add(21)
(q22),+r,+1-7mar/80-83, idemx2
Case 91 29/M Dubious biphasic sarcoma Humerus
Lung met.
47, XY, add(19)(q13),+mar
88-90, XXYY, der(2)t(2;7)(p21;q11)x2,
-4,-4,+i(5)(p10)x2,-7,-7,-12, del(12)
(q22)x2, add(13)(q22)x2,+18,-21,-21,
+3-4 mar
  1. 1Case numbers are identical to those in the publication by Romeo et al. [6].
  2. 2All tumors were classified as grade 3 tumors (3-grade scale). UPS = undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma; SCS NOS = spindle cell sarcoma not otherwise specified.
  3. 3All karyotypes are composite karyotypes.
  4. 4ND = not done.
  5. 5Karyotype on sample obtained after chemotherapy.