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Table 2 AJCC TNM Classification for STS [40]

From: UK guidelines for the management of soft tissue sarcomas

Classification Description
Primary tumour (T)
 TX Primary tumour cannot be assessed
 T0 No evidence of primary tumour
 T1 Tumour ≤5 cm in greatest dimension
T1a Superficial tumour
T1b Deep tumour
 T2 Tumour >5 cm in greatest dimension
T2a Superficial tumour
T2b Deep tumour
Regional lymph nodes (N)
 NX Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
 N0 No regional lymph node metastasis
 N1 Regional lymph node metastasis
Distant metastasis (M)
 M0 No distant metastasis
 M1 Distant metastasis
Histologic grade (G)
 GX Grade cannot be assessed
 G1 Well-differentiated
 G2 Moderately differentiated
 G3 Poorly differentiated
  1. Physical examination, diagnostic radiology and biopsy provide the AJCC criteria input data needed to stage STS