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Table 1 Patient and disease characteristics

From: Antiangiogenic effects in patients with progressive desmoplastic small round cell tumor: data from the French national registry dedicated to the use of off-labeled targeted therapy in sarcoma (OUTC’s)

  Total (n = 9)
 Male 8
 Female 1
Age at histological diagnosis (years)
 Mean (SD) 27,3
 Range (years) 9–48
Tumor localization
 Abdomen 7
 Head and neck 1
 Pelvis 1
Histological subtype
 Desmoplastic medulloblastoma 1
 Desmoplastic tumor with multiple differentiation 2
 Unclassified desmoplastic tumor 2
Tumor stage (AJCC/IUCC)
 Unknown 2
 IVB 7
Metastases at diagnosis
 Yes 6
  Liver 4
  Peritoneum 2
  Other 1
Surgery of primary tumor
 Yes 7
 Resection quality  
 R0 0
 R1 3
 R2 2
 Unknown 2
  1. SD standard deviation, AJCC American Joint Committee on Cancer, IUCC Union for International Cancer Control