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Table 1 Reported cases of primary liposarcoma of bone

From: Pleomorphic liposarcoma of bone: a rare primary malignant bone tumour

Authors (reference) Age/sex Site Subtype Treatment Metastasis Outcome (comment)
Fender [12] 23/F Fibula? Unknown Decompression Intracranial Alive, 22 months follow-up (primary uncertain)
Barnard [13] 30/F Humerus Unknown Amputation Lung Died after 2 months
Rehbock et al. [14] 56/F
Iliac bone
Stabilisation and radiation
Bone, lymph nodes
Died after 14 months (case not convincing)
Died after 2 weeks (case not convincing)
Duffy et al. [15] 49/M Femur Unknown Amputation, radiation Alive, 60 months follow-up
Dawson et al. [3] 28/F Femur Unknown Amputation Lung Died after 11 months
Retz [16] 40/M Tibia Unknown Amputation Alive 24 months follow-up
Johnson et al. [17] 25/M
Died after 26 months
Died after 18 months
Catto et al. [2] 16/F Tibia Unknown Amputation Lung Alive, 9 months follow-up
Goldman et al. [18] 33/M Ulna Unknown Amputation Alive, 5 months follow-up
Ross et al. [19] 15/M Fibula Unknown Resection, radiation Lung Died after 5 months
Schwartz et al. [20] 49/M Tibia Unknown Amputation Alive, 7 months follow-up
Larsson et al. [21] 52/F Femur Unknown Radiation Lung Died after 5 months
Schneider et al. [22] 69/M Fibula Unknown Amputation Unknown, 24 months follow-up
Pardo-Mindan et al. [23] 39/M Humerus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cremer et al. [24] 58/F
Radiation, methotrexate, cordotomy
Progression after 2,5 years with pulmonary metastasis
Died after 3 years of cerebral metastasis
Downey et al. [25] 15/F Ischium Ilium Unknown Hemi-pelvectomy Lung Died after 2 months of pneumothorax, Pleomorphic liposarcoma with osteosarcomatous foci
Addison et al. [4] 19/M Humerus Unknown Amputation, radiation, chemotherapy Lung Died after 10 months
Kenan et al. [26] 57/M Scapula Myxoid Curettage Alive, 36 months follow up
Seo et al. [27] 69/M Temporal bone Well-differentiated Resection Alive, 24 months follow-up
Macmull et al. [28] 26/M Femur Well-differentiated 2 cycles of neoadjuvant MAP, resection, adjuvant 4 cycles ifosfamide & etoposide. Alive, 16 months follow-up
Zhang et al. [29] 26/M Femur De-differentiated Wide resection Alive, 12 months follow-up
Torok et al. [30] 34/M Femur Pleomorphic Wide resection, radiation, chemotherapy Lung Died after 16 months, cause unknown
Hamlat et al. [31] 45/F Thoracic spine Pleomorphic Laminectomy T7-T8 and radiotherapy After 13 months lung and rib 19 months follow-up, gradual deterioration of disease
Torigoe et al. [32] 38/F Humerus Pleomorphic Wide resection with endoprosthesis replacement. Initial high-dose ifosfamide without effect, followed by cisplatin and doxorubicin Liver Died after 8 months of disease and liver failure
Lmejjati [33] 45/M Lumbar spine Pleomorphic Emergency decompression at L4/L5 and radiotherapy (45 Gy) None Died after 3 months of deterioration from disease
Rasalkar [34] 13/M Femur Pleomorphic Neoadjuvant MAP 2 cycles (methotrexate, adriamycin/cisplatin), Surgery, Adjuvant 1 cycle MAP and further chemotherapy with combinations of ifosfamide/etoposide and adriamycin/cisplatin Lung No recurrence of local disease and complete response at 13 months follow-up