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Fig. 1

From: Non-canonical WNT6/WNT10A signal factor expression in EBV+ post-transplant smooth muscle tumors

Fig. 1

Histological appearance of the five different entities. a Post transplant smooth muscle tumor (haematoxylin–eosin stain (HE stain, 100×) with inserted positive EBV-in situ hybridization (EBER), b visceral leiomyoma (HE stain, 100×), c visceral leiomyosarcoma of the central venous tract (right atrium, HE stain, 100×) with prominent atypia and increased level of mitosis figures, d endothelial haemangioma (HE stain, 100×) with prominent vessels, e angioleiomyoma (HE stain, 50×), in particular venous subtype with prominently walled vessels (arrows)

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