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Table 1 Recent European clinical trials recruiting patients with osteosarcoma

From: Report from the 4th European Bone Sarcoma Networking meeting: focus on osteosarcoma

Trial name Title/description Country Study reference
GEIS 29 Multicenter and prospective phase II trial with gemcitabine and rapamycin in second line of metastatic osteosarcoma Spain NCT02429973
GEIS 51 (Palbosarc) Phase II multicenter trial of palbociclib in second line of advanced sarcomas with CDK4 overexpression Spain NCT03242382
GEIS 52 (InmunoSARC) Phase I–II trial of sunitinib plus nivolumab after standard treatment in advanced soft tissue and bone sarcomas Spain, Italy NCT03277924
Sarcome13/0S2016 Randomised phase-2 trial of mifamurtide (MEPACT®) combined with post-operative chemotherapy for newly diagnosed patients up to 50 years with high risk osteosarcoma (metastatic or localized disease with poor histologic response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy). France NA
Regobone A phase II study evaluating efficacy and safety of regorafenib in patients with metastatic bone sarcomas France NCT02389244
Cabone Cabozantinib-s-malate in treating patients with relapsed osteosarcoma or Ewing sarcoma France NCT02243605
HOPE ITCC-035 Study of lenvatinib in children and adolescents with refractory or relapsed solid malignancies and young adults with osteosarcoma France, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK NCT02432274
PembroSARC Combination of MK3475 and metronomic cyclophosphamide in patients with advanced sarcomas: multicentre phase II trial France NCT02406781
PROMO A phase II study of pembrolizumab in patients with relapsed or metastatic osteosarcoma not eligible for curative surgery Norway, Italy NCT03013127
MAPPYACTS Proof-of-concept study to stratify targeted therapies adapted to molecular profiling France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain NCT02613962
ESMART European proof-of-concept therapeutic stratification trial of molecular anomalies in relapsed or refractory tumors France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK NCT02813135
Can cancer cells be found in blood samples from patients with bone sarcoma? Enumeration of circulating tumour cells in patients with bone sarcomas: an observational study UK ISRCTN29619083
  1. NA not available