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Table 2 Overall survival

From: Preoperative radiotherapy of soft-tissue sarcomas: surgical and radiologic parameters associated with local control and survival

  Hazard ratio (95% CI) p
Age 1.295–3.821 0.003
Gender 0.556–1.570 0.798
Volume 1.292–3.989 0.003
Grade 1.488–15.300 0.004
Surgical margin 0.442–2.788 0.823
Radiotherapy dose 0.543–2.303 0.762
Tumour necrosis 0.715–1.184 0.517
  1. Effect of possible prognostic factors on the local recurrence rate as well as overall survival of patients with soft-tissue sarcomas of the trunk and the extremities that were treated with radiotherapy prior to surgery. Results gives as hazard rated with 95% confidence intervals and significance values (p)