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Table 2 LRG registry 3L+ regorafenib use compared to GRID trial

From: Survival in advanced GIST has improved over time and correlates with increased access to post-imatinib tyrosine kinase inhibitors: results from Life Raft Group Registry

  No. of Pts/treatments > 3rd line % Median OS (months) Median PFS/srPFS (months)
Phase III GRID Trial (regorafenib arm only) 133 44 17.432 4.8a
LRG Registry 3L+ 107/109b 48.6 22.5 7.2
  1. a7.4 investigator assessment
  2. bTwo patients received two separate treatments of regorafenib beyond 2L for a total of 109 separate treatments beyond 2L. Four other patients received regorafenib 2L for a total of 113 treatments with single-agent regorafenib in the registry. Two of the 2L patients were intolerant to regorafenib. Four other patients received regorafenib in combination with another treatment. A total of 114 patients received 117 treatments with regorafenib when all treatment lines, single agent and combinations were included