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Table 2 Details of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies employed for immunohistochemical staining of BAT and hibernoma

From: Immunophenotypic expression of UCP1 in hibernoma and other adipose/non adipose soft tissue tumours

Antibody (source) Dilution Antigen Immunohistochemical staining
1A4 (Agilent, UK) 1/50 Smooth muscle actin (SMA)
HHF 35 (Agilent, UK) 1/50 Muscle specific actin
DE-R11 (Agilent, UK) 1/100 Desmin
h-CD (Agilent, UK) 1/200 Caldesmon
CALP (Agilent, UK) 1/50 Calponin +
JC70 (Agilent, UK) 1/20 CD31 +
QBEnd 10 (Agilent, UK) 1/50 CD34
PD7/26 (Agilent, UK) 1/50 CD45
KP1 (Agilent, UK) 1/1000 CD68
Anti S100a (Agilent, UK) 1/50 S100 ++
Anti-FABP4 (Sigma, UK) 1/2500 aP2/FABP4 ++
Anti-MIC2 (127E) (Leica, UK) 1/50 CD99
AE1/3 (Leica, UK) 1/50 Pan-cytokeratin
E29 (Aligent, UK) 1/500 Epithelial membrane antigen
A103 (Aligent, UK) 1/50 Melan A
D2-40 (Aligent, UK) 1/100 Podoplanin
Ab10983 (Abicam, UK) 1/250–1/20,000a UCP1 ++
  1. aSee “Results” for details
  2. −: No staining
  3. +: Weak staining
  4. ++: Strong staining