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Table 2 Carcinosarcoma of bone cases summary

From: A rare presentation of carcinosarcoma of the bone in a young female; response with gemcitabine and docetaxel

Case Age/gender Primary site (s) Histopathology Metastasis Treatment Outcome
Focal carcinosarcoma of the bone
 Ling and Steiner 1986 [6] 68-female Humerus Chondrosarcoma and SCC None Resection Disease free at 3 years
 Frydman et al. 1991 [7] 42-male Tibia Lymphoma-like round cells, osteogenic sarcoma, and spindle cells Lungs Chemotherapy appropriate for a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma Succumbed to lung metastases over a year post-diagnosis
 Kramer et al. 1993 [8] 13-male Tibia Osteogenic sarcoma and epithelial differentiation None Resection, neoadjuvant methotrexate, doxorubicin, and cisplatin Disease free at 1 year
 Shiraishi et al. 2005 [9] 53-male Femur Chondrosarcoma and SCC Lung and soft tissue Curettage, delayed resection, paraplatine 450 mg once a month for 6 months Succumbed to pulmonary metastases 6 months post-diagnosis
 Ishida et al. 2014 [11] 59-female Fibula Chondrosarcoma, SCC, and spindle cells None Resection Disease free at 1 month
Diffuse carcinosarcoma of the bone
 Paczos et al. 2009 [10] 63-male T10-L1 vertebrae, left iliac body Poorly differentiated spindle cells Multiple bony lesions Radiotherapy, 5 courses of MAID protocol chemotherapy Disease progression at 1 year
 Present case 36-female Bilateral humeri, pelvis, thoracic lumbar spine Nondescript spindle cells Extensive bony infiltration Gemcitabine 600 mg/m2 and docetaxel 25 mg/m2, followed by salvage chemotherapy Reduced tumor burden at 6 months, expired at 1 year post-diagnosis
  1. SCC squamous cell carcinoma