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Thanks to all those who reviewed for Clinical Sarcoma Research in 2016

The editors and staff of Clinical Sarcoma Research would like to warmly thank the reviewers whose comments helped to shape the journal, for their invaluable assistance with review of manuscripts in Volume 6 (2016).

Massimo Abate, Italy

Charlotte Benson, United Kingdom

Stefan Bielack, Germany

Jean-Yves Blay, France

Sylvie Bonvalot, France

Judith V.M.G. Bovée, Netherlands

Bernadette Brennan, United Kingdom

Greta Carrara, Italy

Simone Cesaro, Italy

Anne-Marie Cleton-Jansen, Netherlands

Jean-Michel Coindre, Italy

Enrique De Alava, Spain

Angelo Paolo Dei Tos, Italy

Palma Dileo, United Kingdom

Uta Dirksen, Germany

Peter Dutton, United Kingdom

Stefano Ferrari, Italy

Marco Fiore, Italy

Joanne Fleming, Italy

Ramses Forsyth, Belgium

Annamaria Frezza, Italy

Hans Gelderblom, Netherlands

Craig Gerrand, United Kingdom

Giovanni Grignani, Italy

Robert Grimer, United Kingdom

Alessandro Gronchi, Italy

Kirsten Sundby Hall, Norway

Rick Hass, Netherlands

Bass Hassan, United Kingdom

Martee Hensley, United States

Pancras Hogendoorn, Netherlands

Peter Hohenberger, Germany

Rolf D. Issels, Germany

Jens Jakob, Germany

Bernd Kasper, Germany

Martin Langer, Italy

Iwona Lugowska, Poland

Roberta Maestro, Italy

Javier Martin, Spain

Michael Montemurro, Switzerland

Elena Palassini, Italy

Emanuela Palmerini, Italy

Shreyaskumar Patel, United States

Daniele Poole, Italy

Isabelle Ray Coquard, France

Martin Robinson, United Kingdom

Salvatore Romeo, Italy

Piotr Rutkowski, Poland

Marta Sbaraglia, Italy

Silvia Stacchiotti, Italy

Winette van der Graaf, Netherlands

Arjan Verschoor, Netherlands

Eva Wardelmann, Germany

Annual Journal Metrics

  • Speed
    71 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only
    69 days to first decision for all manuscripts
    144 days from submission to first decision
    15 days from acceptance to publication

    93 Altmetric Mentions