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Table 1 Key phase II and III studies using irinotecan in pediatric sarcoma patients

From: Fifteen years of irinotecan therapy for pediatric sarcoma: where to next?

Reference Lead author Phase Other agents given with irinotecan Population Comments
[30] Hawkins III Vincristine Newly-diagnosed intermediate-risk RMS VI alternating with VAC is as efficacious as VAC alone, and may reduce long-term toxicity
[15] Pappo II Vincristine Newly-diagnosed metastatic RMS Response rate to induction rose from 46–70 % after addition of vincristine
[38] Dharmajan II Carboplatin, radiation Newly-diagnosed intermediate or high-risk RMS Local control rate of 89 %; reduced mucositis compared to historical controls
[10] Mascarenhas II Vincristine Relapsed RMS Similar rates of response and grade 3–4 toxicity between d × 5 vs d × 5 × 2 schedule
[37] Mixon II Temozolomide, vincristine Relapsed RMS One complete response in 4 patients
[33] Kurucu II Temozolomide Relapsed ES Response rate 55 %
[34] Wagner II Temozolomide Relapsed ES Response rate 29 %
[35] Casey II Temozolomide Relapsed ES Response rate 63 %
[36] Raciborska II Temozolomide, vincristine Relapsed ES Response rate 68 %
[43] Yoon II Docetaxel Relapsed ES Response rate 33 %
[42] Crews II Ifosfamide Newly-diagnosed high-risk osteosarcoma Ifosfamide reduced SN-38 exposures
  1. RMS rhabdomyosarcoma, ES Ewing sarcoma