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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the six H3.3 mutant osteosarcomas

From: Histone 3.3 hotspot mutations in conventional osteosarcomas: a comprehensive clinical and molecular characterization of six H3F3A mutated cases

# H3.3 status Age at Dx (years) Gender Tumor location Histology Therapy protocol Follow-up (months) Status Comments
77896 H3F3A G34W 59 Male Distal radius Osteoblastic According to EUROBOSS 52 Progressive disease Local recurrence, lung, pleura and liver metastases 49 months after Dx
79428 H3F3A G34W 75 Male Proximal tibia Osteoblastic/fibroblastic Unknown Unknown No further clinical documentation available
84676 H3F3A G34W 71 Male Distal femur Osteoblastic/fibroblastic According to EUROBOSS Unknown No further clinical documentation available
84712 H3F3A G34W 34 Female Proximal fibula Osteoblastic According to euramos 17 Complete remission Initially dx of an aneurysmal bone cyst treated by excochleation with bone grafting, continuous progress, re-biopsy 1 year later with dx osteosarcoma
94316 H3F3A G34R 75 Male Distal femur Osteoblastic/fibroblastic No further treatment 28 Death of disease Local recurrence and lung metastases 19 months after Dx
94314 H3F3A K27M 34 Female Proximal femur Osteoblastic/fibroblastic According to EURAMOS 27 Death of disease Traumatic fracture of the proximal femur treated with nail osteosynthesis 7 years before Dx, bone and lung metastases, bone infection